Information Florida


Florida, the southernmost state in the United States, extends as a peninsula from the Atlantic to the Gulf of Mexico. Its ranging from the tropical Keys to Tallahassee and fascinate you with its many faces. Miles of wonderful sandy beaches, azure waters, brilliant sunshine on most days in the year as well as romantic, breathtaking sunsets enchant visitors of Florida. In the sparsely populated islands which are often only accessible by boat, you can still marvel at some of the originally preserved nature with its multitude of exotic plants and animals.


The unique location of Florida is the reason that its always an attraction for water sports enthusiasts from around the world. Diving and snorkeling in the largest living coral reef in North America, with its incredible underwater world as well as kite surfing, surfing, fishing, boating, water or jet skiing are available almost year-round.


Furthermore Florida offers a wealth of variety. Such as the Everglades with its incredible mangrove forests, which you can learn on a ride with a hovercraft or a visit to the Aborigines, the last Indians of Florida as well as a variety of museums which report about the culture and Florida's history. Unforgettable will be a visit in the legendary theme parks around Orlando. For all shoppers provides Florida a lot of big malls as well as cozy boutiques.


It is true, if one says:

Florida vacation is like dreams become true!